Design and Quality – Omamoristone お守り石

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Design and Quality

Light Luxury Style

Omamori Jewelry is of high quality with the value of simplicity. We believe that jewelry should be elegant, long lasting and affordable. 


The weight of words 

A gift speaks a thousand words. Our Jewelry Gift Collection is definitely the best present for your beloved.


We do believe "simplicity is beauty" but sometimes a hint of Japanese cherry blossoms fragrance from our wooden package definitely impress and touch, making Omamori jewelry a more memorable gift and the best choice for your anniversary present.

Surprising Packages

"I would rather receive a gift which expended a lot of thought to prepare." ,she said.

Our Surprising Packages Collection is innovated by ancient Japanese puzzle, these surprising packages add an extra sense of meaning for your gifts.


Ring Size Guide

Step 1

Wrap a strip of paper around your finger where you’d like your ring to be.

Step 2

Make sure that the paper is pulled snug to your finger, the tighter the better, to find your best fit.

Step 3

Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with a ruler (mm). The distance will be the circumference in mm, use the below chart to determine what the size is in US.