About Omamori – Omamoristone お守り石

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About Omamori

Shokunin Spirit

Shokunin Spirit, defined as mastering the profession, is where technical skills, attitude and social consciousness cross. In semi-centennial development of her crafts, Omamori takes the greatest pride in every little details and dedicate to the spirit of craftsmanship with passion and innovation.

Omamori artisans inherit the tradition of art in making each piece of jewelry. Most promising drafts are selected and then painted by traditional Japanese ink and brushes.

Omamori presents her finest art with use of superior materials and traditional Japanese craftsmanship spirit.

Omamori workshop has been established in Tokyo since 1980. Omamori celebrates her spirit built upon the vibrant history and culture of Tokyo, in the meantime, embraces the future while presenting the brand to the world.

Omamori imbues every product with a sense of aesthetic artistry originated in Japan and has been shaped by various cultures around the world.